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We are committed to your health and wellness and only recommend products we have actually tested and feel confident in sharing with our clients and readers. Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links. Should you choose to order a product or service through one of our affiliate links, Zest Family Nutrition may receive compensation. This will not affect the cost of the item to you.

A Healthy Life carries professional, medical-grade supplements by companies such as Designs for Health®, Xymogen®, Thorne Research, Vital Nutrients, Klaire Labs, Pure Encapsulations® and Metabolic Maintenance. These products are only available to clients who have had an initial nutritional evaluation by A Healthy Life or Zest Kids Nutrition staff members.

Enhancing the diet to achieve proper nutrition through food intake is always our priority, but most Americans suffer from many nutrient deficiencies due to genetic and medical limitations in nutrient absorption, our nutrient-depleted soils, lack of variety in the diet and overconsumption of processed foods.

Susan Kracklauer’s training in Functional Nutrition Therapy allows her to assess an individual’s nutrient absorption issues and deficiencies through diet assessment and lab testing results.

Real Plans offers kitchen-tested, real food meal plans for busy families.

Real plans not only presents you with mouth-watering, nutritious, and simple recipes, but you now can now customize menus, modify recipes, shop with your smartphone, and plan weeks ahead or only shop for a day or two – it’s up to you.

They offer monthly, quarterly or annual traditional, vegetarian or paleo meal planning .

Back to Basics Kitchen offers freshly made, from scratch weekly meals using organic and local ingredients. All you do is heat at home. This is an awesome resource for supporting your health and wellness journey.

Each week Chelsea and Susanna from Back to Basics Kitchen craft a new menu featuring fresh, cooked from scratch main dishes, sides, and desserts based on the highest quality local and organic ingredients available.

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