Why a diet diary?

Prior to starting a nutrition program with Susan, we request that you complete a 3 to 5-day diet diary. While time consuming, this process is the heart of nutrition therapy. It gives you insight into patterns, triggers, cravings and emotional responses around the foods you eat. It provides extremely helpful information for determining how to tackle your symptoms and improve the nutrient-density of your typical daily menu.

Some of the symptoms a diet diary can reveal include adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, digestion issues and potential nutrient deficiencies. There is no “good” or “bad” diet diary or journal. Our job is not to judge, it is to help. Food choices are very personal and lifestyle-driven and we understand that. We are here to guide you toward making delicious and easily managed changes to your diet that will improve how you feel throughout your day and support long term health.


Available for Download. Click the links below:

New clients who will be scheduling a private consult with Susan should print, complete and bring the following forms to their first appointment:

For clients under 18, parents or guardians will need to complete the following forms:


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